I am continuing the Hamster Endurance Run tradition of donating proceeds to organizations doing amazing work around Bellingham and in the trail running community. However, I could not do it without the support of these businesses:


Baltina is sponsoring the Whatcom Family YMCA ‘s Girl on The Run program. Baltina is a long distance ultra runner who will “go the distance” for her clients. Her love for running, the Bellingham community, and commitment of selling or finding the perfect home for people in the Bellingham area have me excited to have her support. Check out her website for more details: https://www.baltinavalente.com


Chuckanut 50k Race Director Krissy Moehl is passionate about supporting other races and events especially when a race or event supports other hardworking organizations. Krissy is a Trail Sisters contributor and has seen first hand how this organization helps women support women on the trails. Her sponsorship for Trail Sisters through the Hamster Endurance Runs is win-win-win!


Want to speed up your recovery after running so many loops? Or do you have a nagging niggle that could use some attention? Prime can help! “Whether you need an athletic trainer to provide immediate help with an injury, massage, physical therapy, or coaching, we offer comprehensive support for athletes and active people in the Bellingham Community. ” Hamster runners get a special 40% discount to use the recovery room which includes a sauna, hot/cold tubs, NormaTec boots and shorts, and much more – all for $15! The deal lasts 7 days after the race. Check out more details on what Prime can offer you: https://www.primebellingham.com/


Each runner and volunteer gets quality chocolate for a great cause? Yes, please! K’ul Chocolate, formally known as Bija Chocolate, ” is a social enterprise that believes that if we invest in women they will reinvest in their families and communities. By working directly with women-owned co-ops, we create real relationships with the women and pay them directly. This ensures greater economic opportunities to help their families and communities. ” Read more about local residents and co-founders Ari Lee-Newman and Paul Newman’s mission: https://www.kulchocolate.com/our-mission/