1. Pacers allowed? Pacers are allowed for the last 6 hours of the 12, & 24 & runs. Pacers are allowed to start at 8pm for the 32 hour run.
  2. Showers? There are showers at the park approximately 1 mile down the trail from the race start/finish area. They are open during park hours (dawn till dusk) and you can drive there.
  3. How about Camping? No camping is allowed at Lake Padden but you can contact Camp Lutherwood (nearby)  Located at 1185 Roy Rd. Bellingham, 360-734-7652.
  4. Dropping bags? There is ample room to set up your personal drop bag/gear at the race start/finish area. Also room for a personal rest area on the grass.
  5. Registration fees? They will be shown in the sign-up page when it’s open on ultrasignup.com.
  6. T-shirts? Back by popular demand, T-shirts are available to purchase online through UltraSignup. Design and photo coming soon…
  7. Belt buckles? Any registered runner who completes 100 miles will receive a belt buckle.
  8. Child care option? Hopefully! A weekend adventure around Bellingham for children ages 7-12 is in the works. I was a YMCA child care/summer camp director for 17 years and would love to provide this option for parents. The goal is to have details published by May 1st. A few months are needed to figure out volunteers and programming.
  9. Refunds? Before April 30th = 100% refund; before August 31st = 50% refund; no refunds after August 31st.
  10. Questions? Email Gretchen at wallagretchen@gmail.com